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Pharmacology Department

Department of Pharmacology strives to train undergraduate students of the college in pharmacology. We believe that a good physician has to be a good pharmacologist too. The training is conducted so as to produce a blend of traditional skills along with a modern outlook so that the trainees can start from scratch on any drug related issue and are capable to take the matter to logical conclusion. We help our students to gain a thorough knowledge of medications, such as various routes of administration, mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetics, adverse drug reactions and dosage schedules. Hands on practical training of Drug Assays and Pharmacometrics are supported by thoughtfully planned seminars, workshops.

Students understand the general principles of drug action and select, prescribe suitable drugs according to the need of the patient. They are guided to use rational drug combinations judiciously in the best interest of the patient. Students are made to appreciate the essential drug concepts and translate that in terms of drug needs for a given community. The faculties and post graduate trainees undertake and participate in research projects in addition to their teaching work. The Department also inculcates and encourages research aptitude in undergraduate students and helps them to undertake short term studentship research projects. With well-qualified and experienced faculty guiding them, students can look forward to an interesting course. The faculty keep themselves up-to-date by participating in national and international conferences and-presenting scientific papers. This in turn keeps students updated.