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Biochemistry Department

Medical biochemistry, as a subject, incorporates the study of biology and chemistry of functioning of human life. Knowledge of Biochemistry is vital to the understanding of Physiology of life. The curriculum integrates the detailed structure and functions of Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates, Nucleic Acids, Enzyme Reaction mechanisms, Nucleic acids replication and re combination, Membrane trafficking, Biochemistry of Bacterial and animal viruses etc.

The Department of Biochemistry offers advanced course in biochemistry. The department has highly qualified faculty members and houses good infrastructure in the form of well equipped lecture halls, demonstration rooms, laboratory and library. We conduct advanced training, research activities and regular seminars, discussions and campaigns to prepare the students with requisite skills and research abilities. The department offers meticulously designed training methodology in experimental skills to enable the students to pursue research in areas of Biology. At present, the department provides training and carries out research in the areas of immunology, protein biochemistry, molecular biology, neurobiology, molecular biophysics, bioenergetics, molecular virology, molecular genetics and Drug design. The curriculum is designed to:

  • Train the undergraduate medical students as per the University guidelines.
  • Encourage the staff to update the recent biochemical concepts and engage in research activities.
  • Conduct journal club, clinical case discussion for postgraduate students.
  • Conduct seminars, guest lectures and CME to impart the interdisciplinary nature of biochemistry.
  • To provide quality clinical chemistry laboratory services.